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Success Stories at PRG - Since its inception in November 2003, PRG has had a number of contract successes. To date, we have worked diligently to ensure that all deliverables have met or exceeded program standards as set forth by the contract Sponsors. Our company has maintained very positive business relations with sponsor clients and has a solid history of being responsible and fully cooperative with all customers. As a company we are guided by these values. They are the standards that inspire all our activities and distinguish us as an organization that is focused, dedicated and committed to our customers and their needs.

Examples of some of PRG’s contract success stories:

DEA Caribbean Division
PRG provided Financial Investigation training to DEA, ATF, IRS/CI, ICE, and local task force assigned to the DEA Caribbean Division.
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy
PRG has provided Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering training to police investigator classes at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

Office of the Secretary of Defense
PRG developed and delivered a Department of Defense-sponsored Executive Workshop to assist in the planning for a multi-nation WMD Joint Border Security Exercise involving the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. PRG prepared the agenda and discussion material, to include creating and conducting a tabletop exercise for senior level border security officials from the five nations. PRG Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) gave lectures to the group on the steps involved in preparing, and the coordination needed, to execute successful Joint Border Security activities. Our staff also led discussions on the logistical, legal and practical problems associated with planning and executing large scale multi-national, land and maritime border inspections, assessments and exercises. Upon conclusion, PRG prepared and published an after-action report and conducted follow-up activities to facilitate the development and implementation of each of the proposed objectives leading up to the deployment of the actual exercise.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency
PRG implemented a contract for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) International Counterproliferation Program to provide five separate, week-long training courses to law enforcement officers, land and maritime border officers, and emergency situations officers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Under this contract, PRG employees delivered twenty-two courses in twelve countries over a fourteen month period. The courses included topics such as; WMD International Investigations, Inspection Operations, Threat Identification and Mitigation, Global and Regional Terrorism Concerns, Intelligence Analysis, Counterproliferation Awareness, WMD Dual-Use Equipment Identification, and Emergency Management and Response. The courses were adapted to provide relevance to their target audience and addressed local and regional concerns specific to those groups delivered in the host country languages.

The PRG management and support team also supported logistic requirements for the contract ro include making all travel arrangements, booking hotels, securing meeting venues, obtaining interpreters and photographers, and securing simultaneous interpretation equipment when needed. PRG also supported contract production requirements by compiling and printing all briefing materials and classroom handouts -including interpreter and instructor handbooks, CD ROMs, briefing schedules and other deliverables.

US Department Of State Office of Export Control Cooperation- Azerbaijan
PRG supplied DOS/NP with mini rad-D radiation detection pagers. In addition to supplying the equipment, PRG was asked to create comprehensive training materials to be delivered with the equipment. As a result, PRG designed and developed training materials on the operation and maintenance of the detectors for distribution to border security officers and inspectors in Azerbaijan who will utilize the detectors in their daily security operations. After developing the training guide PRG had it, as well as the detector operating manuals, translated from English into the Russian and Azeri Languages. PRG packed and shipped the detectors, manuals and translated training materials directly to the American Embassy in Baku within 30 days of receipt of the order from SAIC. Success resulted in follow-on business in Tajikistan.

Department of Homeland Security
PRG has been actively supporting the Department of Homeland security through a SPAWAR Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) contract performing work in the following areas:

  • Program Management / Policy Development
  • Administrative support to DHS / Office of Grants and Training
  • Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness Training and Exercise Support
  • Hurricane Preparedness planning, exercise development and Conduct – Regional support activities in response to federally mandated requirements to include the creation of evaluation criteria / tools and event coordination and support.
  • Support to Office of Policy, Initiatives and Analysis (OPIA) - Facilitation of multi-agency OPIA Working Groups in the areas of:
    • Transportation Screening (Maritime & Rail)
    • Mitigation- Life Safety
    • Prosecution of Suspects
    • Incident Investigations
    • CBRNE (Nuclear, Chemical)
    • Border Control
    • Interdiction and Seizure
  • Support to Pandemic Flu and Mass Casualty exercise events in NC and NY
  • TICP Full-Scale Exercise Development & Conduct-PRG provided Program Management and Controller support to numerous Tactical Interoperable Communication Plans (TICP) Full-Scale Exercises (FSE) for:
    • Maine
    • National Capital Region (Northern VA, Washington D.C)
    • Iowa
    • Ohio
    • West Virginia
    • Georgia
    • Virgin Islands
    • Puerto Rico
  • Terrorism Preparedness & Response Full-Scale Exercise (FSE)
    • San Francisco - Giants

Department of Defense
PRG recently won a contract to perform various professional, technical and administrative services within the overall management authority, control, and responsibility of Cooperative Administrative Support Units that support and serve various Federal Agencies, including DoD.

Office of Personnel Management
PRG is working with partner PerformTech to create and pilot a course in Border Control Management for the Department of State. This course will support international training requirements for up to 70 partner countries.
Our services on the current contract include:

  • Curriculum development
  • Pilot course delivery/Training Services


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