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PRG’s charter is to provide world-class training and services that promote education and awareness of topics ranging from border security operations, force protection, counterproliferation, transnational investigations, threat management and emergency response issues.

PRG provides training from entry through intermediate to advanced levels as well as education for senior executives, officials and policy-makers.

To date, PRG has deployed training and assessment teams more than 55 times to 18 different countries for organizations such as Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Department of State (DoS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD).

Services include:

  • Development of new or customized curricula

  • Updating and maintenance of existing curricula

  • Course delivery/instruction

  • Procurement, deployment and storage of training related equipment (CONUS and OCONUS)

  • Exercise development & execution (field and tabletop)

  • Refresher/recertification training

  • After action reviews, evaluations & analysis (to capture and disseminate best practice and lessons learned information)

  • Course evaluations and reporting

  • Certification tracking & monitoring/validation/verification

The goal of our training services is to educate and improve process and practice for the organizations we serve. It is what our company was founded on and we pride ourselves on our ability to recruit and retain highly competent and experienced professionals to deliver the highest quality, most relevant and up-to-date training available. PRG accomplishes this by utilizing experts along with established best practices and the latest techniques to provide effective training when and where it is needed most.


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