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Securing our country’s critical infrastructure - from physical structures and information to people - is a national priority for both the government and the private sector and one that PRG is proud to support.

As security threats against our assets and resources continue to evolve and the capability for managing these risks remains limited, implementing new technologies and solutions to resolve operational and security challenges is paramount.

To that end our threat and security management practitioners confidently assist with selecting the right security solutions that help to identify threats and to prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities while balancing cost and long-term value for our customers.

With a staff of technical experts and law enforcement leaders who have experience at all levels of government, we have an in-depth understanding of the business processes and operational constraints of our customers. Using that knowledge and applying our experience, PRG is able to create tailored solutions for a wide range of government, state, local and business customers and effectively address their increasingly diverse security needs.

To meet these needs, PRG employs solutions that provide timely and efficient, risk-managed security options and establish a framework for dramatically improved operational effectiveness. Our customers have come to rely on the use of our products, services, and systems to support a wide range of public safety and defense missions and to provide a comprehensive view of their entire security environment. The result is comprehensive solutions to address all hazards threat and security related issues and events.

Our capabilities include:

  • Establishing and updating security policy and guidance

  • Performing threat and vulnerability analysis

  • Identifying, analyzing, managing and mitigating risk

  • Developing and administering secure operational
    processes and procedures for classified or proprietary
    materials, documents, and equipment.

  • Identifying equipment and technology requirements/needs

  • Training

  • Strategic planning

  • Operational support

  • Surveillance and Intelligence: unclassified to classified

  • Incident Response: local to global

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Improvement Planning and Tracking

PRG provides a complete range of integrated solutions to solve current homeland security challenges, and to establish a framework for addressing future needs. Whether there is a need for an overhaul of an organization’s entire security posture or a pointed need to recognize or remedy a specific gap in a security plan, PRG offers a portfolio of solutions, proven services, and objective expertise to accomplish any task.

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