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PRG is dedicated to helping government customers identify and manage change in the national, state and local security policy environment. The development and implementation of strong policies and procedures is critical to the success of security and the understanding of appropriate responses in the event of a security related incident.

Our staff works with organizations to develop policies with clear purpose and stated objectives that are tied to specific business drivers or mission criteria. PRG believes that policy which is current is the roadmap that defines decision-making processes and provides guidance for safe practices.

PRG works with our customers to ensure that policy:

  • Provides direction and leadership for the organization

  • Provides clear and concise roles and responsibilities for individuals and cooperative security partners

  • Provides clear purpose and authority of how specific risks are to be addressed

  • Provides a comprehensive communications strategy

  • Provides a specific set of conformance requirements

PRG has staff that specializes in security policy development. They know how to translate organizational requirements into policy statements and procedural guidance. PRG can assist organizations with the process of developing new security policies or we can update existing security policies to enhance operational flexibility and keep with the ever-changing security environment. In addition, they have the experience and knowledge to help make sure that the policy is relevant to the organization and easily adoptable by people who must implement it.

PRG takes great pride in helping organizations define and implement security policies and procedures that work and inspire greater confidence from employees and their partners, while reducing their exposure to potential vulnerabilities.

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