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PRG is positioned to assist law enforcement and criminal justice agencies at all levels - federal, state, and local both within the United States and abroad - to prevent and control crime and terrorism.

We have in-depth experience with and deep domain knowledge in all aspects of law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, and homeland security. We couple that knowledge with our expertise in developing and executing policy, processes and procedures, to provide on-going insight and support to advancing the capabilities and success of law enforcement and investigative disciplines.

PRG also provides services in the form of training, planning and logistical support to friendly foreign law enforcement, government and security organizations, including entities in high profile environments. We assist these groups in developing effective measures to deal with crime and terrorism and to enact effective barriers against those threats. Our personnel have been hand picked for their depth of experience and subject-matter-expertise.

PRG personnel are flexible, articulate, multifaceted professionals who display only the highest ethical standards while representing themselves, their company, and ultimately their country.




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