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Planning and conducting exercises provides a valuable tool for an organization to assess and improve performance while demonstrating resolve to prepare for major incidents Exercises allow security personnel, from first responders to senior officials, to train and practice prevention, protection, response, and recovery capabilities in a risk-free environment.

PRG assists entities within the security community gain objective assessments of their capabilities so that gaps, deficiencies, and vulnerabilities are attended to prior to a real incident.

PRG support activities include:

  • Testing and validating policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, and interagency agreements;

  • Improving community and interagency coordination and communications;

  • Assessments and improvement planning

  • Identifying gaps in resources

  • Training personnel

  • Organizing, conducting and facilitating - Seminars, workshops, tabletops, games, drills, functional, and full-scale exercises

  • Exercise control, evaluation and documentation

  • Conducting and facilitating Senior Official planning conferences, seminars, workshops, and tabletop exercises

  • All hazards based scenario development

  • Logistics, site staging, role-playing, SME consulting


PRG views exercise development and support as an integral part of a broader preparedness cycle that involves planning, equipment purchases, and training activities and should complement the full range of preparedness efforts and priorities being undertaken by a given jurisdiction or entity.

PRG is focused and committed to supporting these priorities ensuring that security professionals at all levels of government and in all types of communities have the opportunity to adequately prepare for, prevent and effectively respond to new and evolving threats to public safety.

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