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PRG’s readiness and response professionals work with local, state and federal agencies, industry, and other organizations to provide a focused domestic and international all-hazards approach and capability.

PRG’s readiness and response professionals work with individuals and teams from local, state, and federal agencies, industry, and other organizations to provide a focused domestic and international all-hazards approach and capability regarding emergency planning and incident management. Through coordination and cooperation with these entities PRG assists in establishing, testing and validating programs that can alleviate or eliminate risks to life and property from natural or man-made hazard events.

Prevent, Protect, Respond, Recover
PRG personnel provide services in each of the identified areas within the emergency management cycle.

Activities are aimed at creating, enhancing and maintaining an organization or community’s capability to deter, preempt, interdict, or disrupt hazard events/scenarios. Whether it is conducting briefings and exercises or assisting in the establishment of MOU’s and/or MOA’s that would assure the availability of resources, equipment and support, PRG provides these services and more.

Protection (Preparedness and Mitigation)
PRG supports the continuous process involving efforts to identify threats, determine vulnerabilities, and identify and train required resources in emergency management and incident response disciplines. PRG works with individuals and organizations to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach for the design, development, and execution of exercise and planning programs.

The faster and more efficiently an organization recognizes, analyzes, and responds to an incident, the better it can limit damage, minimize recovery costs and resume normal operations. PRG works with organizations to create policies and procedures for coordinating response actions and support activities that address the direct effects of an emergency related incident. These activities include immediate actions taken to preserve life, property, and the environment; meet basic human needs; and maintain the social, economic, and political structure of the affected community. Emergencies include natural and unnatural disasters, homeland security incidents, terrorism situations, and public health issues.

Recovery involves actions needed to help individuals and communities return to normal business operations and daily life. PRG works with organizations to define recovery action plans that include the development, coordination, and execution of site restoration and services. PRG can help define and plan for needed and available services through coordination with individual, private-sector, nongovernmental, and public assistance programs and help facilitate mechanisms for needed support.

PRG works to incorporate best practices and procedures from incident management disciplines—homeland security, emergency management, law enforcement, firefighting, public works, public health, responder and recovery worker safety, emergency medical services, and the private sector—to provide information, policies, procedures and practices that add value to any program.

From local emergencies to national incidents, PRG provides the support necessary to assist in building and maintaining a capability to anticipate, preempt and deter threats to the homeland and in our local communities. PRG provides the ability to respond swiftly and effectively in any crisis.


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