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PRG’s founders and senior management primarily consist of retired US Customs Senior Managers, Special Agents and former Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBP).

Our company distinguishes itself with a senior staff of individuals who have over 25 years of experience dealing with all manner of Customs and Border Security Operations and Management Issues at the national and international level.

PRG is capable of performing comprehensive independent assessments, program evaluations, surveys and in-depth analysis of air, maritime, and land border ports of entry in support of both federal and private sector clients. Our staff has trained over 2,700 officers to date in subjects relating to:

• Customs and related border operations

• Compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act

• Port security and emergency operations planning

• Shipboard security

• Supply chain, loss prevention, and control

• Export licensing

• Anti-terrorism

• Crisis response

• Anti - Piracy

• Anti-corruption issues

• Counter CBRNE/WMD operations and training

• HAZMAT Operations

• Emergency Preparedness

• Law enforcement concepts and procedures as well as

• Use and assessment of surveillance, inspection and security equipment.

PRG also provides registration services for import and export licensing of defense articles and services under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and licensing services under the Export Administration Regulations for commercial clients. PRG develops internal compliance plans for exporters of licensed goods to ensure that each company employee is cognizant of all company policies relating to federal export regulations.


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