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:: Asset Forfeiture and Seized Property Management Programs

Asset Forfeiture Programs – PRG offers subject matter expertise on all aspects of civil and criminal forfeiture, particularly administrative and judicial procedures. PRG’s personnel, which include former federal criminal investigators, have extensive operational experience in asset forfeiture investigations, forfeiture procedures/process, and seized property management.

PRG is capable of providing experienced asset forfeiture investigative personnel to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to augment existing or newly formed asset removal programs.
Our personnel work in conjunction with agency investigators to effectively identify, seize, and forfeit assets acquired through illicit activities.

We are able to deploy subject matter experts for short and long-term assignments to provide training and investigative support for the identification/removal of assets, subsequent litigation, and forfeiture support.

PRG monitors trends in legislation and court decisions nationwide and remains current to offer in-depth legal and investigative techniques training to U.S. (federal, state, and local) and foreign law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. We offer expertise in working with the Department of Justice to seek foreign government intervention and litigation against illegal assets located outside of the United States.

Seized Property Management Programs - offers expertise in the management of seized property, and cost-efficient methods of maintaining, transporting, retaining, and disposing of seized/forfeited property in accordance with directions from forfeiture personnel and/or court orders. PRG develops and conducts internal audit programs to ensure proper handling of property during the seizure and forfeiture process. Our audit programs are available to state and local police in need of independent review on the uses and spending of Asset Sharing monies as mandated by the Department of Justice, Department of Treasury, and Department of Homeland Security.

PRG offers specific, unannounced inspection and audit programs for state and local police departments seeking additional oversight of seized property and/or evidence collection and storage procedures.


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