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PRG has demonstrated assessment capability. With an average of over 25 years of federal, state and local experience each, our employees are expert in assessing vulnerability, threat, and risk. They are also vastly experienced in conducting and implementing time sensitive and complex evaluations and surveys for organizations, entities, and installations.

PRG managers have spent the time necessary to recruit qualified personnel with specialized skills, assembling multi-person assessment teams and dispatching them to conduct high quality studies and assessments within the United States and in countries around the world. PRG has a cadre of subject-matter-experts uniquely equipped to handle a wide range of topics and fluid requirements.

Members of our staff are highly skilled, motivated and experienced professionals who are able to develop and conduct assessments and studies in virtually every law enforcement, security, investigative and all-hazards emergency management discipline. Based on experience, reputation, and background our staff projects instant credibility in domestic and international environments.

PRG personnel have conducted activities that included examining installation and personal security procedures, evaluating program effectiveness, recommending changes, and researching alternatives designed to protect service members, civilian employees and family members as well as facilities, information and equipment. Through comprehensive research, assessment and reporting PRG has assisted in efforts to coordinate and synchronize offensive and defensive measures to protect against and degrade the ability and opportunity of the enemy to inflict harm.


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