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PRG provides force protection, comfort, aviation, marine and security products to police, government agencies, military and individuals around the world, through commercial sales and our GSA Contract.

Contract # GS-07F-5489R


Radiation Detection Equipment by
D-tect Systems: including Pagers, Portal, & Isotope Identifiers.

  • mini rad-D™ radiation detection pager
  • rad-D™ portal monitor in entryways and X-ray portals
  • rad-ID™ portable, battery-operated Isotope Identifier

The finest force protection, comfort and safety products from Oregon Aero:

  • BLSS® Kits, BLU® Kits (ballistic liner suspension systems/pad sets for military & police helmets).
  • ZetaLiners™ and other aviation helmet upgrades.
  • Aviation headset upgrades for better performance of both military and general aviation equipment.

David Clark Company headsets for military, federal, and general aviation are the gold standard in aviation equipment, including the H10 line and custom Push-to-Talk adapters.


Laser Range Finders are on our GSA schedule.



For product quotes and orders, contact Jackie von Wodtke at
703-771-3003 or jvon@prgusa.net.
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